Webinar: Low Code - The New DNA for Agile Digital Lending Systems
Date: 20th August
Time: 11:30am IST

— This event has ended —
Guest Speaker

John Rymer
VP & Principal Analyst

Achintya Gupta
Digital platforms aren't enough anymore. Digital Decisioning Platforms need a better approach — a Low Code approach.
The low-code phenomenon has taken the world by storm, encapsulating a range of industries and enterprises to transform the way they run their business. Lending institutions are yet to leverage the spectrum of capabilities that low-code solutions have to offer. While most enterprises have begun to adopt digital decisioning platforms, automation gaps still leave lending institutions underserved. 

Digital decisioning platforms have been identified by Forrester as a rapidly growing category that marries business process automation, advanced analytics and business rules management that capitalizes on AI and ML models. 
Increasingly, low-code technologies have begun to play a larger role in these digital decisioning platforms, making it imperative for enterprises to understand the best practices in the low-code space. 

Is your lending institution looking at a legacy system modernization? Or are you a digital lending enterprise that is interested in infusing digital decisioning across a low-code platform? 

In this 40-minute webinar by Kuliza, guest speaker and industry expert John Rymer, VP & Principal Analyst from Forrester will cover:
  • How Low-Code is becoming more & more a factor in digital decisioning
  • The Digital Decisioning Market trends and best practices
  • Low-Code lending platforms for banks and credit institutions
  • Trends specific to South-East Asia and India
​Join us on the 20th of August and stick around at the end of the 40-minute webinar for a live Q&A session with John Rymer.

This event has ended. Thanks for your interest! Visit our website for upcoming webinars.


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